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Friday, July 04, 2008

After a long long break

have been abandon this blog for almost a year.......
trying to blog more soon. will find some time of my work to write on this blog....

Update soon..............

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Birthday Celebration

This post goes out to Elizabeth Wong who celebrated her birthday on February. Happy 24th Birthday. Though is abit late... But its better late than never being post..

When to Curve Laundry to celebrate Liz birthday with a bunch of friends. Nothing happenning just sit down and chill till the wee hours

Below is the pic of the birthday girl

Birthday girl!

Group pic

The bunch of friends who celebrated Liz birthday!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

China Trip!!!!!!!!!

Sorry peeps for not updating for such a long time.
Well guess i am back for a little while. So this post going to be the post i have delay for such a long time dated back in January this year.
When to China with my alumni fellow mates. We went to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou.

Below are some pics that i took.

At Hangzhou West Lake. L-R David, Justin, Me, Cat, Mun Cheng and Lay Har

Then we went back to Shanghai to visit the famous Nanjing Road.

Again the whole group of us in the main entrance of Nanjing Road

We was taken to the factory that produce silk and manage to see how its was extracted out from the cocoon.

The worker in the middle of processing the silk

At nite we took a boat cruise in the Huangpu River and its was freezing cold as its was also raining. One of the shot i took

Right after the ride we took a ride to the Oriental Pearl Tower. Didn't manage to take any good pics as the weather was bad. Only able to take the city traffic jam

View from the tower

Not sure what day was it, we took a bus tour ride to the University of Shanghai. The campus really have beautiful view.

One of the entrance to the University

Us again holding the banner of UTS

During the nite, we had a 'so called' alumni networking dinner. Can't remember the name of all the ppl there. But nevertheless took a group pics.

Group pic

After all the food that we ate, we decided to have a walk around the Bund area. Took quite a number of picture there. Here are some shoot of the pics that i took.

Well, that all for my trip in China. Cheers